Monday, June 2, 2014

Taiwan post June 1, 2014

I love Gangshan, it is my new area. Move calls were a week ago and Gangshan is my new area. The members are amazing. They are really involved in the work and so it is really motivating to be here. Nanzi was very hard and I was a little worried about having a Taiwanese companion but it has been so amazing. She is super awesome and is only older than me by 1 day and we started our missions at the same time. We were without a bike for a whole week. It only arrives on Saturday about 3:00, which was fortunate that we were nearby and could get my bike. My stuff was taken to Tainan with Sister Chen’s stuff, and so I would have been here about Thursday or so, but it took 2 more day to come back. But we are super grateful to have our bikes. Our feet are very sore from walking everywhere since we are not use to it. This area is really big and we were only able to visit people who were nearby but I got to meet a recent convert that I might not have met if we would have had our bikes. We have seen so many miracles and our ward members are actively working hard to invite people to church and get their friends introduced to the church. This week was really amazing; we saw so many miracles and tons of blessings. I love you all!!!

Love Sister Basko

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