Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Taiwan Post May 26, 2014

Dear Everyone,

This week is move call. I was in Nanzi with Sister Chen, but that area was closed for sisters because there are no new sisters coming in so some areas will be closed. But I’m not moving very far, I’m just going above Nanzi to Gangshan. The two areas are touching. So I am still really close to where I came from. My companion is Sister Yeh; she is Taiwanese and has been serving in Taiwan for 1 move call more than me. So excited to be here. The area is a little bigger, but not too big.

This week was crazy, we were super busy. We had 3 people wanting to feed us dinner on Tuesday night at 6:30. We had already made plans long before with Sister Joy and Sister Zeng so we went to Joy's home to eat. But we had a little snack with our member and her little sister right before. It was really great to get to know her better and her sister. They have completely opposite personalities. They are super cute. After we headed to Joys and had dinner with a less active, it was a really good environment, it was really comfortable and we are able to get to know her better. On Wednesday we had lunch with an less active out in Dashe, her food is really good. It is all homemade and very fresh. After we helped move some stuff around in her house, then had dinner with our recent convert and her son. It was really fun, we got to see our recent convert's personality outside meeting with her. She is usually very strict, but when she meets with us she is always relaxed. It was good get to know her son better.

 On Thuusday we had a big group of us eat together, our less active told us to bring people so we invited another recent convert, and the elders brought an investigator and his girlfriend. It was a lot of fun. It was a little awkward to start with, but after it was very relaxed and got to know each other and shared about how this gospel has blessed our lives.

We exchanged with the sister training leaders on Friday and Saturday. I learned a ton from Sister Graham, about how to contact on the street. It is all about how you express it, if you are excited to talk with someone they will be interested, but if you’re not, then they will not have interest either. She is really amazing. She contacts everyone and is so energetic. It really makes a big difference. If you are excited to talk to someone they will be more willing to learn more. Always think positively because if you don't all those doubts will stop you from really progressing.

Love you all. I love going out and serving the people in Taiwan. They are very friendly and willing to listen. As we look for ways we need to change, God will help us know and developed skills to overcome our weaknesses.

Love Sister Basko

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