Monday, March 31, 2014

Taiwan post March 31, 2014

This week we had zone conference down at the stake center. It was great to see the whole mission and to see old friends. our stake president came and talked to us about hastening the work and what things we can do. He has invited us to visit as many member as we can to invite them to share the gospel with their friends, also to help us have the opportunity to meet and get to know our mebers. other times it is hard to start a conversation with church but often times we have the opportunity to invite friends to activities at church.

We are really excited this week we are going to have movie night at our ward building and we are inviting our members and giving them invites to give to their friends. we are hoping that we will have a fair amount of people come. but we are not sure since it is grave sweeping day. where everyone goes to their family graves and cleans them up, many start ahead of time since the actual day it is very busy. So we are hoping we will have members and friends attending. But we will see.

Sister Chen and I are loving Nanzi and Daxia. They are both amazing areas and there are so many people who are willing to listen they jsut have not met missionaries yet. we see so many miracles as the Lord leads us to the areas that we need to go, to share the gospel to and meet many new people on the road.

Love you all,
Heavenly Father loves you very much and know everyone of you.
Love Sister basko

Monday, March 24, 2014

Taiwan post March 24, 2014

Missionaries are amazing new and difficult experiences. They allow us to grow to beyond the point we ever imagined. To have an hour everyday we can have our own personal study to learn more about Christ gospel and read the Book of Mormon and to continue to learn. As we dedicate every second on our mission to the Lord we will see so many miracle and the Lord's hand in all things.

We went and visited our LA out in Daxia(about 30 minute bike ride) and then tracted near her house. we knocked on this on door and a lady opened it, looked at us like how are these standing at my door. said we had a message that will help her obtain greater happiness in her life. a look of disbelief crossed her face, and we said that this gospel will bless her family. she said that we could come in. she was still a little hesitant but willing to listen. asked how we obtain his happiness, so we started to share how when we know that God really exists and can feel His love we had greater hope for our lives. she still didn't quite understand, but as we got to know her more we found out her mom had recently died, and that she didn't feel any comfort from praying to budda. my companion testified of the plan of salvation. we were able to share a little bit and to give her some answers and taught her about prayer. and how it will help her to come to understand God more and to be able to talk with Him. It was a really amazing lesson, to feel the Holy Ghost strongly. This gospel bring so much peace to know that we are able to see our loved ones after this life. Death is not the end, and this life on earth is so short and God will help us so much, we just need to have faith.

I know that this church is true. That Heavenly Father is always watching over and guiding us. we can truly feel His love. we need to do our part and exercise faith that He will give an answer when we truly seek for an answer. This gospel bring greater answers and peace and happiness than we can possibly imagine. if you have faith there is a way!!!!

Love Sister basko

Rachel selfie March 2014

Christ image in background with image of the tree of life in the foreground

Monday, March 17, 2014

Taiwan post March 17, 2014

This week has been so amazing. The Lord has truly been guiding us. He is allowing us to plant the seeds of the Gospel and then to follow-up on those that we have already found. We have been trying to find some of the less actives but if we find that they are not home we go tracting near their house. At each place we have found 1 person who has interest I learning more about the gospel. We know that everyone is not going to accept but we have faith that we will find those that are willing to listen. And as we continue looking for those people, we are guided by Heavenly Father and find them. This week every time we went knocking on doors, we found 1 person who is willing to learn more.

Cool people that we have found. A guy named Music with perfect English that learned it from HBO (or so he says). He is interested in English so hopefully he will be able to come, and his children will be willing to join our children’s class. Then we knocked on the door of some Christian ladies. Who has only been Christian for 1 year. They had a friend that invited them to church and they were interested after that, and were baptized. They are still new to Christianity, but are willing to listen. It really shows the power of member missionaries. As we share the gospel with our friends, or invite them to activities or church we will be able to give them greater happiness and blessings in their lives. We never know if someone has interest until we ask them. Most people will not change until they are invited to do something. We went back to a lady and met her baby and dog, she has the cutest family. She is not married but wanted a family so she adopted a little girl. She is so cute. We can see how important family is to her so we shared more about how this gospel blesses families and how we can have an eternal family. As we learn more about the plan of salvation, God's plan for us we are better able to understand our role on this earth. Our time on this earth is to learn and grow, to gain experiences and knowledge that will allow us to return to God's presence and to live eternally with our families and loved ones.

 Missionary work is hard, but nothing in this life is easy. It is hard so that we can learn more about God's blessings and gain our own knowledge and to learn to overcome trials through the help of the Lord. To learn to trust Him and learn of His mercy and love.

I love you all!!!. The Lord is on our right hand, and on our left. And His angels are bearing us up. God will always be there even when we feel alone.

Love sister basko
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Monday, March 10, 2014

Taiwan post March 10, 2014

Today is the official 8th month since I started my mission. It is crazy how fast time flies and how many things have changed. I see how much time has gone and yet each day is amazing. To remember all the miracles that have happened, and that will happen. Finding all those that are looking for truth and sharing it will everyone. Testifying of the truth in all that we do. As we contact on the streets we will find those that are looking for help. We had a wonderful opportunity when we contacted a lady on the street and shared a short message with her. She pulled over to the side and told us her whole life she wanted help and to help her family. She asked us to go and visit her family and share the gospel with them. This gospel blesses families and brings greater blessings and happiness.

This week was a little different from other weeks. We have no investigators right now. So we have done a lot of finding activities. From calling former investigators to former English students. We invite them to once again come to English class or to learn more about our church. We also knocked on a lot of doors and talked to lots of people while traveling from one place to another. 

The thing I learned the most from this week is that we will find those who are ready in the Lord’s terms. Not when we want to. We teach His gospel to those that are looking for Him in their lives. If we just teach to teach it does not help the investigators, so we search to find those that are looking for the truth. God knows each of us and what we need and he will guide us to where we need to go.

Love you all.
Sister Basko

Monday, March 3, 2014

Taiwan post March 3, 2014

This week was super awesome. Monday was our P-day we didn't feel like doing very much so we went to a huge park and walked around. Found a plant that if you touch it, it closes its leaves. It was so awesome. I climbed a rope ladder thing, it was super cool.

We had exchanged on Tuesday to Wednesday. Exchanges last for about 24 hours. I was leading the area in Nanzi with Sister Ward. So awesome. We got to talk to lots of people. So many people stopped and talked to us!!! At English power boarding we had so many people stopping and asking us about our English class. They wanted to know more and to know where it is held so they can attend. This has never happened before!!! It was amazing.

Wednesday we had our English party. Sister Tung was the Green Dragon from Mario. And I was Captain America, I made a shield. It was awesome. We played a form of Clue for our activity. We arranged 3 rooms to discover the clues to the murder, one to find the murderer (who was Captain America). Another room to figure out the weapon used, which was an ax. And the last room was to discover the room the murder took place in, which with was the library of which Sister Tung and I were in charge of. We brought objects with the letters of the LIBRARY. It was really good. If there was more time we would ask them questions about super heroes, like who was their favorite. It was really fun. Then after we acted it out how Batman (cai mei zhi) was killed by Captain America (me) with an ax in the library. It was a really fun activity and everyone had a good time.

Saturday we had a baptism. Ye Jiemei was baptized. She is so awesome she is 19 and she is really interested in learning more and more. And so we taught her everything and she knew that this is what will change her life. So she was baptized and her parents were ok with it. But they didn't want to attend :( but she is so amazing.
This week was super busy teaching and contacting. We got to eat with our members on Sunday night since Elder King is going home. And Sister Tung is moving to Taizhong Taiping. She is going to be a sister training leader. She is going to be so amazing!!!

Sister Basko

Selfie in the park with Sister Tung