Sunday, August 31, 2014

Tainwan post August 31, 2014

This week was amazing and incredibly busy. We were out everyday looking for new investigators and going to our investigators house and going to less active members houses. We were riding all over the place. We have a cute little investigator out in Mituo which is only a 30 minute bike ride if it wasn’t for the ocean winds the push against you the whole time so it turns into a 40 minute ride. But it is good we were able to meet with our investigator. We also went to find less activies out there but they were all at work. So we did not get a chance to meet them. Next time we will plan a better time. We also rode out to Luzhu for a new investigator it took an hour to get out there and then find her house. But it was a really pretty area and luckily no ocean breeze. We have seen so many miracles in this area. God has really prepared a lot of people including the people from other countries. We are meeting with 2 Vietnamese ladies. And they have a lot of interest. So we are helping them learn more about church, which they really like and they have met quite a few people. So hopefully they will feel really welcomed in the ward.

Love you all this week is really short. Talk to you next week.

Love Sister Basko

Monday, August 25, 2014

Taiwan post August 25, 2014

This week was amazing we had two activities that we were able to attend. We had a fireside where we were able to bring an investigator with us. The people in the meeting shared their testimonies and their conversion stories. It was really touching, and the spirit was very strong. These people of Taiwan are members of the restored gospel because they themselves chose; they were converted to God and had a desire to be baptized. It was a really big blessing to have such amazing members here.

Then there was musical concert. The guy was from Hawaii and he cannot see but is able to play the piano. We had many members and less active member there. They were able to feel the spirit and able to listen to amazing piano music.

This week we have been blessed with 3 amazing new investigators. Which were all gifts from God? The elders tracted into a home and a girl came out and said that she would like to learn more. So we were able to meet with her and her brother. They are both really smart and they asked a lot of really good questions and really got us thinking too. They were also able to come to church and check it out.

Love you all. Hope that you have a good week and are all safe. Sister Sears are on our way to go hiking with a member at big Gangshan. Which is a really big mountain nearby.

Love Sister Basko

Ancient instrument

Taiwan grandma

Pianist from Hawaii

Rachel at Costco in Gangshan

Sister Sears at Costco in Gangshan

Sister Sears in mask at the train station

Sister Basko at the train station on her bike

Monday, August 18, 2014

Taiwan post August 18, 2014

Dear Everyone,

How are things going? Things are going really good in Gangshan. Sister sears and I are together for another move call. So excited we are going to see huge miracles this move call. Just you wait. We are going to help this place see huge changes. We are so grateful to be able to still be serving together.

This week we were blessed with 2 new investigators who have interest in learning more. a member brought her family member to church and so we got to know her and set up to meet with her again and then when we went tracting we met a girl that is only 15 but is willing to learn more. So are very excited to get to know these two more.

Sister Sears and I have made high goal for this move call and we are going to see miracles. I saw a quote recently that said that we should not be afraid to set our goals to high and not hit them. We need to set our goals high so that we do all we can to hit them and yes we will fall short but God will make up the difference and we will hit the goals that we want to hit. If the goals are too low we will not be able to see how far we really could have gone.

I hope everyone’s week is amazing because I know that God loves us and is willing to help. He is only just a prayer away!!!

Love Sister Basko

Our district

poisinous banana spider the size of your hand

P-day on a hike with Sister Sears

Giant snail we found

Sister Sears with gaint snail

Giant snail

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Taiwan post August 11, 2014

This week was very interesting. We have had 5 days of straight rain. It has been down pouring and will sometime stop...but will start up again. The Taiwanese do not like the rain they are so funny. When it starts raining everyone pulls out their rain coats and the road are then filled with so many colors. It is very funny. But despite the rain we have found so many people willing to listen and learn more about Christ in their lives. We have started teaching 2 adorable families. And we are very excited to share the gospel with them and help them come closer to Christ. We are so blessed to be here and to have this opportunity to help people find the truth. There are people who are really seeking the truth.

We ate dinner with some recent converts here and the elders. We got to know one of the recent convert’s story and how he was a person who was seeking truth. He was looking for a church that would help him become a person God wants him to become. And so he went to a lot of different Christian church and an opportunity opened up for him to come to Taiwanese to study. And so he is here studying and working. one day the elders saw him and started talking to him and this recent convert really thought about what the missionaries were teaching him and he really pondered it and started to seek an answer from God. And he received it and really came to understand the gospel. He does not speak Chinese but he is a part of the church. Everyone loves him and he talks to everyone. It is really amazing. He is so happy and you can really tell that he has been converted to follow Christ and he does everything he can to serve those around him.

This week my sister got married in the temple. It is difficult to express the feelings that I have. But the one thing I do know is that God has a plan for all of us. We have our agency to choose what we want to do and Heavenly Father will allow us to. But he knows the true path that will help us receive that happiness. I am grateful for Heavenly Fathers love and guidance in my own life and hope that He continues to protect my family.

Love Sister Basko

This is Sister Sears with a guava in her mouth.
"She is so funny!! she will do some of the most random things and is always absoultely hilarious. we were eating breakfast and she said to me sister basko take a picture of this. and so here is the picture. it is a huge slice of guava stuck in her mouth."

Rain on the roof of the building next to us

Monday, August 4, 2014

Taiwan post August 4, 2014

This week has been amazing. We said good bye to one of our recent convert's. She is going home to Nantou since the school semester ended. So we saw her at Family Home Evening and then she headed home to Nantou. We are going to miss her. She was a huge blessing to this ward. She had so much energy and a very strong testimony. I am super grateful for her example and willingness to do what the Lord would have her do.

Sister Sears and I have started street sweeping...which means we ride along a street and anyone female we see on the side of the street we talk to. We are working on talking to everyone and as we have done this we have seen that Heavenly Father has placed those that are ready to receive his gospel at placed in our path. It has been difficult but also a huge blessing and has been a huge faith strengthener.

This Sunday we went tracting with our member Cai JM. We prayed where to go and felt that we needed to go somewhere else, that the place that we were at the people were not quite ready. so we rode a little ways. Came to an area where the houses were a little newer and started tracting. We found a super cute family and everyone in the family was super welcoming to us and we had a great time. Shared about prayer and set up to go back and meet with them. We are super excited to meet this adorable family. We kept tracting and found girl that we had called before. She is super sweet and she said we can come back and share more with her. God really does lead us to the people that we need to find if we are willing to listen to him.

I love this gospel so much. It has helped me know that God is really watching over us and knows exactly what we are doing and how we are. He is looking for ways to bless us and that is why he gave us commandments. When we follow His commandments He will bless us and our families. I know this gospel is true. God has restored His church on earth and has called a prophet to guide us in these the later days.

I love you. Stay safe and healthy!!!

Love Sister Basko

Pictures: sister sears and I headed to the beach last week. It was super pretty and very hot. Loved it.

Rachel at the sea

the sea with a man made jetty