Monday, June 30, 2014

Taiwan post June 29, 2014

I have already been in Gangshan for 5 weeks. It is crazy how fast it has gone. But I love it so much. I have gotten to know the ward better and they are so awesome. Our member invited us over to her house to share the gospel with her long time friend. Who is amazing? Is really willing to listen and learn more. Can’t wait to meet with her next week. The mother is from Indonesia, and she has been in Taiwan for about 20+ years. And her Chinese is really good, as well as English, taiyu and her native language. Super amazing. She has a gift of many languages.

Last week we went hiking on a mountain nearby. It was so much fun, we climbed so many stairs. It was really tall. And the trees were really pretty and covered with banana spider webs. Really dangerous spiders...but luckily they were not too close. There were people exercising on the path. They ran up and down the stairs....crazy since it was so hot and steep.

This week I learned the importance of doing hard work. When we do hard work the lord blesses you and will help you see miracles. We also have been finds former investigators. People who had previously investigated the church by stopped meeting with the missionaries. So we found many new investigators through contacting these people. God prepares people everywhere. Sometimes when they are first contacted by missionaries they are not ready, but over time God will prepare them to be ready to receive his message. If we do everything we can to find new investigators we will be blessed with finding those that are ready.

I love you all. Stay healthy and hydrated....summer is here!!!!!

Love Sister Basko


Stairs hiked on p-day

banana spider on hike

dragon fruit

beautiful daughter after hiking stairs

view from the top


one of Rachel's favorite fruit - mango

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