Sunday, June 8, 2014

Taiwan post June 9, 2014

This week was so amazing. We got to go on exchanges with the sister training leaders, and I got to go this one of my previous companions. It was so much fun. We saw so many miracles and it was such a great experience. We went park contacting. Which I was a little nervous about since it is really hard to talk to people when they are busy doing stuff. But when you don't think about it and just go right into it, it is so much easier. And found some pretty awesome people so I hope that the missionaries will be able to get to know them and help them learn about Christ’s gospel. I love Sister Tung so much she teaches with a powerful spirit. It is so easy to feel the spirit with her I feel like I learned so much. We try to make sure that we are doing our best every day to talk to everyone and even if they will not meet with us or if they do not have interest. Just make sure that they are little happier when they leave. Patience and humility are the biggest factors in being a follower of Christ.

I love counting the miracles every week and seeing how many blessing we are every day and being so grateful for this opportunity to be able to do His work and to also learn so much about His love for His children. There are people prepared everywhere and all we have to do is talk to everyone and we will find those that are ready to hear the gospel.

Love you all!!!!! It is summer and getting hot. Stay healthy and strong! :D

Love Sister Basko

With Sister Tung - now a training leader

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