Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Taiwan post May 5, 2014

This week the work goes on. We have been working with members to help them to find opportunities to share the gospel with family and friends. A friend of a member met with one of our members this week and she told us about her life how from a young age she knew she has greater purpose in life. She had a tough childhood and through her friend she learned about Christ and then after she was married she found this church. Knew it was true from the moment she heard it, she learned everything for 6 days and read the whole book of Mormon in 6 days. And then was baptized. In every ward there are members who have amazing stories of how they learned about the gospel. Listening to others experiences we can learn so much about our lives and how we need to stay strong in the faith. Knowing that God places people in our path everyday for us to serve, or share the gospel, or be a friend. And as we look for these opportunities that he gives us we will be more prepared. I know that this gospel is true. Through the Holy Ghost testifying the truth and helping to feel and know that God loves all his children. We are all important to him. I know God calls us to a work no matter where we are or what we are doing he has a work for us to do. I love you all.

Read, pray and attend church will help you become resilient to stay strong and close to God.

Love Sister Basko


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