Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Taiwan post May 12, 2014

Time is so short. Nobody really realizes how short their time is here on Earth. You don't know if you will live to a very long old age, or if it will be cut short. But no matter how long your life is everyone has the ability to change what happens. You can make so many different choices, but the consequences are never our choice. As we do the best we can we will be satisfied with the outcome. Our mission president share this story with us, about a guy who said "this is just the way I Am." he is giving up his ability to change. But we must remember our future is in our hands, if we listen to Heavenly Fathers direction we will be able to find the right path, the path that will lead to the most happiness.

It is only in and through the Savior Jesus Christ's atonement that we can fix our mistakes. That we can be forgiven of the things that we regret. I love you all very much. And I hope that you will continue to follow Christ's example and serve others and love them to the best of your ability.

Happy Mother's Day!!!!
Love Sister Basko

It was wonderful to be able to skype with Rachel on Mother's day, she looks so good and she looks so happy. It is amazing that technology now allows us to be able to see her beautiful face and hear her voice half  a world away! And to be able to bring her twin sister (Alicia) into the call so that we could all see each other. Amazing!

Rachel is busy being about our Father's business in sharing the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and teaching about the restoration of that gospel. She is serving the people of Taiwan and teaching them about our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. mom
Her wornout shoes

Cotton candy from the day/night market

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