Monday, April 28, 2014

Taiwan post April 28, 2014

Miracles happen every day. So many of us are too busy to notice them, or have too many things running around in our minds that we miss them. Even if we do not notice them, they still happen. Sister Chen and I are still together for another move call and still have no investigators that we are currently teaching. We spend every day making phone callings, knocking on doors, looking for formers, less-activities and trying to contact recent converts. We have not found too many investigators. So we are taking more time with the people we are working with. We have a former investigator that has some interest again, but not a ton so we stood and talk to her at her store for about an hour. It is really good to get to know her and learned what she wants to with her life. And it was a lot of fun. It’s not just missionaries who ask her to come to church or read or pray. We are her friends and we bring the gospel in and tie it to things we are talking about, so that she can understand how big of a difference this gospel has made in our lives. This has made the biggest difference when we meet with her. It is no longer awkward and we now understand better how we can help her.

We also had time to help a recent convert move to a different home. Our ward got together and we all worked. We moved her boxes out, across the road then into her new house. We then sat and had lunch with her afterwards and got to talk to her and see how she was doing. She has a lot of trust in our members, and knows that if she needs help she can ask and there with always be people to help her. Service is the best way to show people that you care.

 I love my mission so much. We meet so many amazing people on the road or knocking on doors. It is a huge blessing to see how much the Lord blessing people to allow us to have opportunities to share the gospel. We will always find people who are prepared; we just need to be ready. I love you all. Stay strong.

Love Sister Basko
Just a side not, Rachel is already halfway through her mission, she is right at the nine month mark. mom

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