Sunday, May 18, 2014

Taiwan post May 19, 2014

This week was so exciting, we had a progressing investigator!!!Her husband is Buddhist but she is really interested, and her husband asked her if she would still be able to worship. And she can even when she is baptized as long as she is praying to Heavenly Father and not the Buddha statue. She is really cute and getting very interesting in how to be healthy, we are super excited to keep sharing the gospel with her.

We were outside sharing about our English class and we looked down the street and saw it down pouring. It had not yet reached us. We ran and put on rain gear and less than a minute it started down pouring. It was incredible the streets had about 2 inches of rain on it and then it was done raining. And it was really nice since it cooled off and was no long quite as humid out.

I got the opportunity to eat pig’s blood in gelatin form and to eat small intestines. It was really interesting. It didn't taste bad but it really was not that good either. It was a good experience.

Stay strong and close to Heavenly Father.
Love Sister Basko

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