Monday, October 7, 2013

Taiwan Post October 7,2013

We just had a baptism this week, it was so exciting. Listening to her testimony and to hear how much she has changed and continues to progress is inspiring. She didn't quite understand repentance and so we taught it again, and we came back and followed up on it, and she told us the most profound thing, she said "if I am not improving every day, then I need to repent." it is so awesome to see how people change. It makes me remember how special this gospel is and how important it is to share and really live it.
Shi baba bought so much food and he gave it to the missionaries. We were trying to think who we could visit and share with, and we thought of Sister Fletcher. She is an English teacher here, and she was recently in the hospital but she is fine now. We called her up to see if we could give her some food and found out she is sick and has no food. It is such a miracle how we are able to help her right when she needs it, and to visit her and be there to help her. It is so amazing how everything we do, when we are listening and prepared, we see miracles and so many blessings.

We have the most amazing peika's (members who come to lessons with investigators). All the member's here are new, they have not been members for very long. Their testimonies are so strong, and they can share their experience and their understanding of how the Book Mormon changes lives and coming to church is so important.

The food here is amazing. But there are not a lot of people that cook traditional Taiwanese food. We had the special privilege to visit the Miao jaiting(family), they do cook traditional Taiwanese food. Their daughter is on a mission right now in Taipei. They have pictures of Christ and the temple in their home, and they are not members, they are forever investigators. But they are amazing. They cook tradition Taiwanese food, it was good, had a tiny piece of 1000 year old egg, it was ok. They are so funny, they know so much and they just don't seem to want to get baptized. But they love having missionaries over. So it’s good that we can always share a message with them.

Love Sister Basko
Posted by Rachel's mom (jeri)

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