Monday, October 14, 2013

Taiwan posting October 14, 2013

There is an order to the way things are run here in the Taiwan streets, buses come first, then cars, then small motorized vehicles, then bikes and last people. If you do not obey this, it can become very dangerous for you. The streets are crazy, it is sometimes hard to imagine there is any order, but I have found that if you stay in your respective place you are safe if not then it gets very dangerous.

We have an English student we have been meeting with that we have started sharing the gospel with. It is so cool, she told us about some miracles she has seen in her life. It is awesome that we get to share these things with her and teach in English and Chinese. She is very smart and quiet.

This week was my first exchange, we have exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders. We are with them for about 24 hours. I went with Sister Mack to Chang Hua. Sister Chua stayed with Sister Adams in Wufeng/Dali. We rode the train to Chang Hua, then went and visited some less actives. It was cool to meet them, and to share a little about the gospel. We got lost a couple of times, but it was fine since I got to see the area. We ate at a restaurant that hand makes their noodles, it was so good and it had so many veggies!! The next day we met with a 10 and 11 year old. They are awesome. Their father thinks they are too young to be baptized, so every time they are taught they share it with their father. That takes a lot of courage on their part.

This week we had an exercise activity at a school in Wufeng. It was huge, all the missionaries raced in a race, it was pretty cool. We got to get to know the members and to hang out and get to know other wards in Taizhung.

Every time Shi baba gives us food we cannot possibly eat, we give it to others we know. It always happens that they really needed that food, and we had no idea. Shi baba gave us food, and we decided to give it to Cheng JM( or Banana). We found out the next day that they had been so busy that they had not eaten all day. And the food we brought was the only thing that they ate that day. It really is a miracle how much we are able to do without us really knowing it.

General Conference was amazing. I love Robert D. Hales talk about how after King Benjamin taught his people they went back to their homes to ponder. That is the same with us, we share a message with the investigators, and they return to their homes and have the opportunity to think about it and apply it to their lives. The best way to understand this gospel and to really be converted is to ponder on the things that we learn and to seek greater understanding.

Saturday was awesome, after conference we had some time to study and later met with Jeng JM (our peika, member at the lesson) and went to go see Jang JM(our investigator).  But she wasn't there. We couldn’t get a hold of the other person we were going to visit. Right before we left I had a thought that we should write a little note to remind her about General Conference. So we did that. That took just enough time that Lin Meng Jing(less active) rode by, she stopped and we talked to her. She invited us over. Her mother doesn't really like us. But she welcomed us over, our peika and the mother and Lin Meng Jing talked for a while, we didn't really say much. We shared a message but that was about it. Then we left and went home. Banana was sitting outside, so we stopped and talked to her for a little bit. Found out she forgot to pray so she said that she could come to church with us!!! So exciting, this is the first time she has come to church. It was such a good night.

This area is so blessed, and I am so lucky that this is my first area. I am grateful for everything and all the amazing church members.

Love Sister Basko

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Ward parade at Stake Activity day

Missionaries in the Stake

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