Monday, October 28, 2013

Taiwan post October 28, 2013

This week has been so busy. Wednesday was crazy. We had a training meeting at the Taichung Mission Office (chuandaobu). The trainers and the trainees from the Northern part of the mission came together. It was great to get a different perspective of see how to change something so that it works better or to make the mission work better. The training was amazing. We got to hear some wonderful stories of missionary experiences. After that we didn't have much time so we hurried to Chaoyuan University to teach our English class. Most of the students have really good English. Then we hurried down to the Wufeng Library to set up our Halloween Party. It was so good. A lot of members helped us set up and play a part in running the games. We set up a path for people to go on for our Halloween haunted tour. It turned out so good. Everyone really had a lot of fun and enjoyed it.

This week we saw so many miracles. We went to find a lady's house and we kind of knew where it should be, but we didn't know what street to turn down. So we turned down one of the streets and stopped in front of a house to call the lady again. And we just happened to stop in front of the lady's house. We were so glad; she has met a lot of missionaries but hasn't been taught anything about the gospel. So we have the opportunity to teach her about the gospel and more about what we do. She was so sweet. She has been in the English classes so she knows about missionaries, but not as much about the gospel. So it is so exciting. We were also to met with another one of our English students, Hazel, who's house is way out in Wufeng. We had a member come with us out there, and she has a daughter the same age as Hazel. Hazel's mom joined us and it was a great lesson. I really hope we can help her family to have a strong relationship with God.

Love Sister Basko

Rachel pointing at a big lizard they found while on a hike on P-day

With Sister Adams, other sisters in the mission

With Sister Adams on a hike on P-day

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