Monday, October 21, 2013

Taiwan post October 21, 2013 100 days mark

This week our newest convert Ling JM peika'ed for us. It was so awesome. She met Chen JM(Banana, who owns a beauty salon). It was an awesome experience, they got along and did most of the talking and it was really cool to see Ling JM going and helping us with our investigators. So awesome!!! We just had a really good time, testifying of the things we had learned at General Conference. Wednesday Sister Adams and I decided what we wanted to do for the day, but it just didn't feel right. I had been thinking about Liu JM, we had contacted her two weeks ago and didn't have a chance to visit her again. So we both felt that we needed to visit her. So we went over to her house, she was home. She invited us in and she had read the Book of Mormon and we taught the first lesson. She is really interested, and we need to help her get to know the members and come to church. So exciting, she is so awesome. She thinks that all churches are good, which is true. If the church you go to helps you have a relationship with God that is good. Our church is special because we are able to know more and continue developing our relationship with God.

It is so cool to have people serve us. It really blesses them and also helps us to learn more about them and ways that we can also help them. We have met with some really great LA's (less active members) and they have such strong testimonies we just need to help them come back to church so that they can have more friends and a better relationship with God and to learn more about how to also strength others. It was really cool on Sunday we saw so many things happen right in a roll that worked out we were able to help others. Sister Adams and I were working on some training missionary material at the church and had some studies. We were there late. We thought we were the last ones there so we made sure everything was locked up. Sister Adams found a cell phone, one of the missionary companionships forgot. So we put it somewhere safe and went out to shut the gate. But it got stuck and it wouldn't close. We couldn't figure out why, while we were trying to figure out the problem with the gate a set of elders arrived at the church. We found out the cell phone was theirs, and because they were in a different area they couldn't get into the church since they didn't have the key. We have a key since this is our area. They were able to get their phone because the gate wouldn't close (a tiny rock was in the way). So they left and we tried to close the gate but then it had trouble again. Because we had trouble with the gate and were still trying to figure it out, we found out a member was still inside the building and was just walking out. We didn't lock her in. So many things happened all at once and because of everything we were able to see how God is watching out for everyone and knows what to do to help them.

Today is our preparation day so we decided to go hiking, so fun and it was really pretty. Got to do some studies at the top and then went back down. Walked around the area for a while. Taiwan is so cool, there are so many buildings then mountains right through the middle. Amazing at night to see the mountain side with little dots of light where there are people living.

Love Sister Basko

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