Thursday, November 7, 2013

Taiwan post November 6, 2013

In our area that we are serving in has a special English program. There is a college in Wufeng, Chaoyuan University, and we teach an English class there. It is really cool and many of our investigators come from the English class. Our newest investigators have come from this English class. Lot of students are from mainland China, and they have never had religion in their life, and here they are able to learn about it and they can feel the Holy Ghost so strongly because they have never really felt it before. It is so cool to see how they change, and how they have more interest when they are reading the Book of Mormon. After Chaoyuan we go down to Wufeng Library to teach our other English class. And some of the Chaoyuna students come down to the Wufeng Library to our other English class. Which is so awesome, they really have the desire to learn more, and at the Library we are able to share the gospel. So they can learn English and the gospel.

Sunday was fast Sunday, usually we don't eat dinner and breakfast, and eat right after church. But Sister Adams felt that we shouldn't start our fast so we didn't. We went and visited a recent convert out in Wufeng. She is so awesome. Her son recently turned 15, so they went out to dinner and invited us. So we went with them, got to know their sons and meet her husband. The food was so good. Their family has a really strong relationship; it would be so cool if they would all come to church together. We are helping them gain a stronger testimony and enduring to the end. The mother got to go to the temple for the first time this week!!! So excited for her.

Sunday was amazing. We fasted breakfast and lunch. After church we didn't have time to eat dinner before we left the apartment. We went to visit an investigator, she was so willing to share, and we ate some food there. We could have returned home and did some scripture studies or we could have visited some less active members we hadn't visited, we prayed about it and felt we should go to visit the less active. We did that, the Lord really provides when you are doing His work, our less active shared some food with us. They didn't know we hadn't eaten. It was a really cool experience.

We went up to Asia University in Wufeng with two of our investigators and Yoyo, a member. It was a lot of fun, talked about the gospel a little. Our main goal was to get to know them, and establish a relationship, so that we could better help them learn. After we went out and had ice-cream together.

Wednesday we went to the temple. We got up at 4:45am, got ready and left before 5:30am to get on the bus. There were no cars, or people or anything. We were a little worried the bus didn't run that early. So we said a prayer, and a bus and a taxi showed up at the same time. It was perfect. We got the chuandaobu way early, so we relaxed and then the bus came late. So we got up to the temple later. After the temple we took pictures outside. Then headed back to Taichung. Then headed back to our areas. And went right to English class. So fun!!! Lin Jiao Wei, Apple, and Sarah are leaving for their missions Thursday. They are headed to the Philippine MTC then to Taipei!!! They are going to be so amazing.

Love Sister Basko

posted by mom, this week's post is late because they had the opportunity to attend the Temple, so they didn't have their 'normal' prep day. What a great experience for them. Enjoy.

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