Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Taiwan Post December 1, 2014

This week elder Gong from the Asia Area presidency came to visit our mission. He met with us and taught us and we were able to learn more about the Asia area and what things we need to do to become better missionaries. We learned about how in every place in the world there are so many people who are prepared to learn about Jesus Christ. We just have to know where God wants us to go to find these people. We need to have faith, energy and focus on the promptings of the Holy Ghost. This will help us hear obey and share the things that we know. As we learn and study we will be more obedient and the Holy Ghost will be stronger with us and we will be ready to go out every day to share the gospel. I really liked a quote from Elder Boyd K. Packer "a testimony can be found in the bearing of it." if we are willing to share our testimony with others we will be able to learn more from the truths that we hold sacred. And then he asked us "have you asked the Lord 'what can I do?'" we need to ask the Lord what He wants us to do. And then we go and do it. This is not our work, this is the Lord’s work. He has allowed us to take a small part in it.

Sister Wawro and I had a really amazing experience on Sunday. On Saturday night when we were preparing our plan for the next day. We prayed where we needed to go. We felt that we needed to go to the same place. We looked at the map and pointed to the same place. So we went there last night. We contacted everyone as we went on our way to the area we were prompted to go. We stopped in an area where we felt we should. We got off our bikes and started contacting everyone around us. We knocked on some doors. And everyone we talked to referred us to the same family...so we will go back another time. But we also had 2 really good lessons with people that we met there. It was really amazing to see that God is preparing people for us to find. We just have to be ready to find and teach them.

Have a great Christmas!!!
Love Sister Basko

Thanks Barb for the tree

and the goodie box is awesome!

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