Thursday, December 18, 2014

Taiwan Post December 15,2014

Merry Christmas everyone!!!! This is the best time of the year to share with others your love of Christ. Since we are able to focus greater on our Savior Jesus Christ. This year a new video came out about Christ. I think it is amazing. I hope you all will have a chance to watch and think about what kind of influence Christ has on your lives.

This week we saw so many miracles. We were contacting in a park and we walked around for a little while and then we saw a guy and felt that he needed to talk to us. As we walked towards him he stood up. And we started talking to him. We have a tract here that has lot of questions on it about our purpose in life and why we are here, such as: does God hear our prayers; how can this gospel help our families...etc. it is amazing to use in contacting. We sat down and talk to the guy more about these questions and how we have found answers. It was amazing to find someone who was seeking answers.

Love you all
Sister Basko

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