Sunday, November 23, 2014

Taiwan Post November 24, 2014

So it is the 4th day for training. And we have seen so many miracles. Sister Wawro is my new companion. She is so amazing. While she was waiting for her visa to Taiwan, she was serving in Seattle. So she was there for about 8 weeks. And then she came to Taiwan with a group of 20 other missionaries. So exciting!!! I am so excited to be serving with her and to have this opportunity to learn so much more!!! It has already been amazing. We had two new investigators set up for Saturday. One lady is already a Christian yet because of a leg problem she has not been able to go to church for a while. So we were lucky to get to know her and shared a little bit with her. She is struggling with her faith but since she has a Christian background she understands a lot of what we shared with her. Sister Wawro asked her a really simple question "why do you pray?" that is all she asked and this lady started crying and said it was because she feels peace and comfort from it. Sometimes we forget the gospel is that simple. If we are listening to the Holy Ghost a little kid would be able to understand. But we get so caught up in teaching everything that we know that we forget the very simplest principles. And that simple principle is what the Holy Ghost is able to testify of.

I know that the people that God calls, he qualifies. We have all been called to his work. To go and serve his children. To go testify of him. I know that Christ is our savior and redeemer and as Thanksgiving comes closer the more I think about the things that I am grateful for. 

Love you all
Sister Basko


Sister Wawro and Sister Basko

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