Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Taiwan Post December 22, 2014

Wow Christmas will be here in 3 days!!! So fast. I hope you all have an amazing Christmas. This is the best time of year to walk on the streets and sing Christmas hymns. For our English class we split into groups and went to a nearby neighborhood. We stopped random people and sang Christmas songs and then gave them a scripture card. We stopped by some businesses and asked if we could sing to them. They all said yes. Thank goodness. It would have been so sad if they said no. we were able to bring a smile to their faces and the little kids got candy. Everyone had a really good time even though our hands were freezing by the time we headed back to the church.

Then on Saturday our ward had their ward Christmas party. Which was a lot of fun. The missionaries and sister Lu sang the noel medley. It was really pretty, considering the lack of practice time we had. After they had gift exchanges. The kids loved it. And then we had a great pot luck dinner. We had some wonderful stolen bread, noodle dishes, curry, salads and fruits. Our ward was the sweetest. They gave the missionaries a ton of gifts. They were so nice. We are excited to open them on Christmas day.

The miracles we see everyday are small, but they all add up in a good week. We had a great time this week contacting. We went to a park. I was talking to one lady and a lady was talking to my companion. She invited us over to her house. She has said a prayer to help her find someone who needed some Chinese language study books, and she saw us and felt that we were the ones the needed it. It was a huge miracle. And blessing to be there when we needed her prayer answers. She is so sweet, and has amazing English. She is not in Taiwan very often, so we don’t know if we will ever see her again. But we hope to.

Love you all!!!
Merry Christmas
Love Sister Basko

I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas too, I have pictures to post for Rachel but have not had the time to do that. That will be remedied this week. Jeri

Dinner at members home
Gifts for the missionaries from ward membrs
Christmas play at Church

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