Sunday, November 2, 2014

Taiwan post November 3, 2014

November has fallen on the world and we are slowly working our way into the winter. We are working on getting some cool activities together here for our youth of our ward. we are organizing a family home evening group so that our recent converts and our members that are not yet married can get to know each other better and so they can get together and play some games, have a spiritual message or lesson and share and eat snacks together. We are so excited to get something organized. We are hoping that it will be a success and will really motivate our members to invite their friends and family to the activity.

This week we met a really cute mom of 3 kids. We called her up a couple of weeks ago but she didn't have time to meet with us, so we called her again recently and she set up a time to meet. Huge miracle, we got to know her and shared a message about Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and about how learning about hem will really bless her family. She was excited to learn more and we are so excited to share more with her.

We saw so many miracles as we went to find new people to share the gospel with. We are very blessed to be serving in this area and have the opportunity to really get to know our members better and find ways that we can serve them.

Love you all, keep working hard. The Lord is on your side!!!
Sister Basko

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