Monday, August 4, 2014

Taiwan post August 4, 2014

This week has been amazing. We said good bye to one of our recent convert's. She is going home to Nantou since the school semester ended. So we saw her at Family Home Evening and then she headed home to Nantou. We are going to miss her. She was a huge blessing to this ward. She had so much energy and a very strong testimony. I am super grateful for her example and willingness to do what the Lord would have her do.

Sister Sears and I have started street sweeping...which means we ride along a street and anyone female we see on the side of the street we talk to. We are working on talking to everyone and as we have done this we have seen that Heavenly Father has placed those that are ready to receive his gospel at placed in our path. It has been difficult but also a huge blessing and has been a huge faith strengthener.

This Sunday we went tracting with our member Cai JM. We prayed where to go and felt that we needed to go somewhere else, that the place that we were at the people were not quite ready. so we rode a little ways. Came to an area where the houses were a little newer and started tracting. We found a super cute family and everyone in the family was super welcoming to us and we had a great time. Shared about prayer and set up to go back and meet with them. We are super excited to meet this adorable family. We kept tracting and found girl that we had called before. She is super sweet and she said we can come back and share more with her. God really does lead us to the people that we need to find if we are willing to listen to him.

I love this gospel so much. It has helped me know that God is really watching over us and knows exactly what we are doing and how we are. He is looking for ways to bless us and that is why he gave us commandments. When we follow His commandments He will bless us and our families. I know this gospel is true. God has restored His church on earth and has called a prophet to guide us in these the later days.

I love you. Stay safe and healthy!!!

Love Sister Basko

Pictures: sister sears and I headed to the beach last week. It was super pretty and very hot. Loved it.

Rachel at the sea

the sea with a man made jetty

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