Sunday, August 10, 2014

Taiwan post August 11, 2014

This week was very interesting. We have had 5 days of straight rain. It has been down pouring and will sometime stop...but will start up again. The Taiwanese do not like the rain they are so funny. When it starts raining everyone pulls out their rain coats and the road are then filled with so many colors. It is very funny. But despite the rain we have found so many people willing to listen and learn more about Christ in their lives. We have started teaching 2 adorable families. And we are very excited to share the gospel with them and help them come closer to Christ. We are so blessed to be here and to have this opportunity to help people find the truth. There are people who are really seeking the truth.

We ate dinner with some recent converts here and the elders. We got to know one of the recent convert’s story and how he was a person who was seeking truth. He was looking for a church that would help him become a person God wants him to become. And so he went to a lot of different Christian church and an opportunity opened up for him to come to Taiwanese to study. And so he is here studying and working. one day the elders saw him and started talking to him and this recent convert really thought about what the missionaries were teaching him and he really pondered it and started to seek an answer from God. And he received it and really came to understand the gospel. He does not speak Chinese but he is a part of the church. Everyone loves him and he talks to everyone. It is really amazing. He is so happy and you can really tell that he has been converted to follow Christ and he does everything he can to serve those around him.

This week my sister got married in the temple. It is difficult to express the feelings that I have. But the one thing I do know is that God has a plan for all of us. We have our agency to choose what we want to do and Heavenly Father will allow us to. But he knows the true path that will help us receive that happiness. I am grateful for Heavenly Fathers love and guidance in my own life and hope that He continues to protect my family.

Love Sister Basko

This is Sister Sears with a guava in her mouth.
"She is so funny!! she will do some of the most random things and is always absoultely hilarious. we were eating breakfast and she said to me sister basko take a picture of this. and so here is the picture. it is a huge slice of guava stuck in her mouth."

Rain on the roof of the building next to us

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