Monday, August 18, 2014

Taiwan post August 18, 2014

Dear Everyone,

How are things going? Things are going really good in Gangshan. Sister sears and I are together for another move call. So excited we are going to see huge miracles this move call. Just you wait. We are going to help this place see huge changes. We are so grateful to be able to still be serving together.

This week we were blessed with 2 new investigators who have interest in learning more. a member brought her family member to church and so we got to know her and set up to meet with her again and then when we went tracting we met a girl that is only 15 but is willing to learn more. So are very excited to get to know these two more.

Sister Sears and I have made high goal for this move call and we are going to see miracles. I saw a quote recently that said that we should not be afraid to set our goals to high and not hit them. We need to set our goals high so that we do all we can to hit them and yes we will fall short but God will make up the difference and we will hit the goals that we want to hit. If the goals are too low we will not be able to see how far we really could have gone.

I hope everyone’s week is amazing because I know that God loves us and is willing to help. He is only just a prayer away!!!

Love Sister Basko

Our district

poisinous banana spider the size of your hand

P-day on a hike with Sister Sears

Giant snail we found

Sister Sears with gaint snail

Giant snail

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