Monday, July 28, 2014

Taiwan post July 28, 2014

This was a week of miracles! We were supposed to have a huge typhoon come on island. But it changed directions and went to Taipei and then headed to China. It was fast moving storm and so we only got rains and some winds. We barely got was a baby typhoon for us in Gaoxiong. So we are doing well. We got to see some crazy looking storm clouds that zoomed across the sky. But we were luckily inside most of the time when the worst rain happened. We still had a lot of people willing to meet and had so many opportunities to get to know some new people in Gangshan. Our members were also super amazing since they were still willing to peika for us and be at our lessons.

We had so many interesting things happen. We had a less active call us up and ask if we could meet with him and his daughter. So we headed over and luckily we had a member with us and so we talked with this member it was a really good lesson but we were not able to meet his daughter. :( but on Sunday we were outside eating our dinner that we brought with us and we saw this less active again and his daughter was in the car. So we were able to meet his daughter and we got to know us a little bit. So we will follow up with her.

Cai Jiemei went tracting with us a couple of times this week, we were able to help those that we came in contact with see how somebody else’s life changed. Her testimony was really powerful. We are really blessed that she was willing to come with us tracting. On Sunday we went tracting again. Sister Sears and I prayed really hard to know where we needed to go, we felt like we needed to get to Xieren Road. We went there at the first house was a family that let us in and we got to talk to them about the gospel and invited them to church. Their kids are studying English so we got to talk to them for a little bit. It was a huge miracle and as we continued down the road so many people were willing to learn more and so we will follow up with them and have a chance to get to know them better. Really exciting to see God working with the people here in Gangshan.

Love you all!!!
Sister Basko

Typhoon clouds

Sister Sears out looking at the clouds from the typhoon

Rachel out looking at the clouds from the typhoon

Raining so hard the mountain disappears

Sister Cai, preparing to serve her own mission

fruit - dragon eyes
I want to share something that Rachel shared with me this week. She talks about how the people don't go out in the rain. Sisters Basko and Sears teach English classes and on the day of the typhoon (since it was a dud) they went out to teach their English class, they had 6 people show up, normally they have 40 people in their class. That is pretty cool that weekly they teach 40 people English. mom

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