Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Taiwan post April 14, 2014

We had general conference this weekend. Which is a week late because of the need for Chinese translations. It was so amazing. So much hope and greater understanding of the Saviors love. To know that the expression of gratitude is so important and crucial to our ability to finding the blessings we need in our lives. God’s love is manifested in the lives of His children; the light of Christ is emulated in their happiness and greater purpose and family unity.

We are standing on the shoulders of Giants whether it is our parents or friends. We each are here to support each other and raise each other up. There is no place for judging others. We are not perfect but the Lord is there to help us to become our best. As we each strive to developed Christ-like attributes we will emulate the Savior in our lives.

I know that the Savior lives and loves us. He came to earth to atone for our sins and our mistakes. And that everyone can change and that he is our loving older brother. I know that this church is true. Though we are not perfect we are able to do our best to become who Heavenly Father knows we can become. As we reread and ponder on the things we learn let us strive to bring others to know Christ.

Love Sister Basko
A lizard Rachel was chasing, it got tired of running from her and it turned and did this at her

Ultimate frisbee on p-day

English party,  relay race. our student was blindfolded and raced to the end with a pingpong ball blanaced on the end of chopsticks. is funny

Elder Pihl moved this move call, he was in Nanzi for 7 monthes and his recent convert Kent
Wanted to share a few pictures from Rachel's emails this week - mom

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