Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Taiwan post April 21, 2014

This week was amazing. We when on exchanges with the sister training leaders. I went to Sanming with Sister Xie, and Sister Gram came to Nanzi with Sister Chen. It was amazing and so beautiful. The church has land right next to the church where a future temple is going to be built. So amazing!!!

This week we had many miracles and so many blessings. On our P-day we went to an island near Xiziwan and went climbing on the mountain. We raced up the trail with Sister Ah Quin. We got to see a lighthouse from the gate and then walked around on the fort. Talked to people while we were there then headed back to our area. It was beautiful.

We were knocking on doors near our house and we found several people that have interest in learning more about Christ. And that have never met missionaries before even though we are so close. It was an amazing experience to have a chance to meet them and to have the opportunity to teach them about Christ.

This Saturday was Sister Cai and Brother Sung's wedding reception. Even though they have been married for a month now. It was really fun. They had little kids sing some songs, and then the young single adults also sang some songs...it was really funny. They are so cute and had a lot of fun with it. We got to talk with our members and meet their friends that came. It was a really good experience that brought the whole ward together.

I am so grateful for my mission. It has brought so many blessings to be humbled and to learn a new language. To start from the very bottom and do everything I can and trusting that God will make up the difference when I have done all that I can. To learn that God is in control, and if we trust him our lives with go so much smoother, not that we won’t have trials but he will be there to comfort us and lead us when we can’t see the way. When we try to do it ourselves we usually mess it up and it just become harder. But if God is guiding us everything will work out that we will receive the greatest peace and happiness in this life. Everyone is a child of God and He loves you all!!!

Love Sister Basko

Photo: 雖然像我如此不想成為主角的人應該不會辦

恭喜紅伎 :D
Wedding picture, Rachel on right in orange

At the fort on P-day

Rachel found a gecko

Racing up the hill

at an ice cream shop - she looks tired!
 Bride and Groom at reception
What a cute couple!

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