Monday, December 2, 2013

Taiwan post December 2, 2013

Dear Everyone,

   Last week of the move call. (Move calls are every 6 weeks when missionaries are moved around, or stay in the same area and get a new companion). Last Monday we went up to the Chuandaobu (mission office) to meet Nicole, Sister Adams recent convert. We hung out with her, got to know her, and took some pictures. She wants to serve a mission. It is so amazing, so we talked to her about serving a mission. She is so awesome!!!!

   Wednesday Elder Funk was at the Chuandaobu for the mission tour. (mission tour means that an area Seventy comes to the mission, meets with missionaries and talks to us about how we are doing and how we can always improve), and he talked to us missionaries about our work, and how it is important to always have the spirit, without the spirit it is hard for the investigators to learn, and they can really feel that this gospel is special. Got to know some new sisters that I had never met before. They were really cool. So funny. The meeting ended at 3:00pm, but we didn’t catch the bus till 3:30pm so we didn't get home till 4:00pm. Hurried home and got all the stuff we needed for English. The English class starts at 4:30pm, and we can't be late. Sister Adams and I had 20 minutes to get there. We prayed for a miracle and then gave it everything we had. We got to Chaoyang University in 20 minutes. It normally takes 40ish minutes. I can testify God is aware of our needs and gives us power to do what we need to do. He supports us and loves us, and when we do our best and are obedient, we see miracles.

    Thursday was crazy cold, the sun wasn't out so it was about 14 degrees Celsius (57.2 F), and we don't really have winter clothing. We stopped by an investigators house and she saw we didn't have scarves. So she brought out some scarves and gave them to us. She was so sweet. If you are not wearing the proper clothing, people are not willing to talk to you. Then our last investigator we met with took us out to have dinner. We had seafood noodle soup for dinner. Happy Thanksgiving!!! But we were running short on time, we had a skit practice at the church, but we weren't worried, and she offered to drive us to the church. So we were able to give her a tour of the church. She could really feel the spirit. It was really amazing experience.

  When we are teaching, but just saying it because that is what we know. The Holy Ghost isn't able to testify. We need to share the parts we truly believe, and testify on it. So that the investigator knows that we believe this, and have applied this in our lives. It was really cool, Sister Adams and I had a very spiritual lesson and we surely testified of the Plan of Salvation, and if our investigator didn't understand what we said or the question we asked, our peika (member at a lesson) would explain it. It was a really cool experience, thinking about what the Celestial Kingdom will be like. What it will be like to have a perfect body, to be with my family and have peace and joy, and to truly have no troubles. It will be so amazing.

    Saturday we had our Thanksgiving party at the church. We had a huge turkey, mash potatoes, sweet potato casserole, pumpkin pie and apple pie. Everything turned out so good. The members brought so much food. There were so many kinds of meats, and breads. Rice, soups and tons of fruits for dessert and cakes. It was awesome. We had so many people come. Then the Dali and Wufeng missionaries, my area, did a play on the pilgrims and why we have Thanksgiving then it went into the Joseph Smith story. It was really cool. This week was crazy busy, and so many miracles and blessings. I love you all, stay warm!!!

Love Sister Basko
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  1. Awesome up date! Keep working hard ! You ladies amaze me!