Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Taiwan post November 25, 2013

Dear everyone,

There are so many different ways to serve the Lord, through learning His gospel and from going out and sharing it. Last week was crazy, we had so many lessons and we went all over the place. We had great numbers. But it’s not about the numbers it is about the quality of our service. Of sharing messages with His children that will help them progress, help them know about Him and grow. This week we got all our studies in. We were not outside as much, but our numbers were the same, and we really found a balance. Getting all the studies in. (1 hour of personal, 2 hours of companionship, 1 1/2 of language study). Though it didn't feel like we were out as much, but we did what we should be doing. Right now studies are the most important. After my training is complete in two weeks, then being outside and visiting our members, and investigators will be more important. But right now I am getting that foundation to be ready to better help those we serve.

Monday was awesome. We went with Shi Baba and some of our investigators and less active members to Wugan. It is an old town with a really old temple where people come to baibai. It was really cool to walk around and see the different shops. To see a guy hand making blown glass statues, and a fan painting shop. It was really awesome to go and hang out with our investigators and members to get to know them and have fun. It was so awesome!!!!

This week we went and visited a less active member that we visit every week, she has been in a lot of pain and we asked the missionary ward leader to come with us, and he gave this member a blessing. It was amazing; you could feel the spirit so strong. We explained a little about priesthood blessings, and then he gave her the blessing. I was able to understand the majority of it, and it is amazing. The priesthood authority is so precious and needs to be used wisely and righteously. It is amazing to be able to see how the elders, and the priesthood holders in the ward act, and to know they are worthy and are doing everything they can to help others that need help.

We were able to visit our investigator who is a hair dresser. It has been so cool to see how she has changed. She went to church and everyone was giving her things. And this had never happened to her. And whenever she was given things before, she would take it and not share. But because of this experience she has been sharing more with others and with her customers. And she started giving candy to the kids who come. And this really has been a blessing. She has had more customers and she is really learning about serving others and has received so many blessings. It is amazing when you get the opportunity to serve those around you and the blessings that you receive from that serve.

This Sunday was full of miracles. We made no-bake cookies in the morning. We were a little late leaving, but it was perfect. Sister Adams saw a lady that she and Sister Chua contacted a long time ago. She invited her to church, as we were about to call Shi Baba, one of the members pulled up and asked if we were going to church. We said yes and asked if he could help. He just happened to have an extra helmet and brought our investigator to church. It was a miracle that he appeared when he did and how God prepared Arther (sheen dixiong) to be driving that rode that day. It was awesome. She came to church and we are going to meet and share more with her. It is so amazing. Miracles!!! Miracles are real!!!!

I have learned so much. This gospel is so special; it helps everyone be their better self. To achieve better things. To be more Christ-like and the desire to serve others and love everyone. It really is a privilege to serve a mission, to learn more about myself and to learn about how I can become more Christ-like. To become the person God wants and knows I can become and to help and support those I come in contact with. I always heard other missionaries say that everyone should go on a mission. It really is true. It can be terrifying to talk to the first person about the gospel but it is amazing to be involved with them as they learn and change to bring their lives closer in-line with Christ’s example. But this may be the first chance they get to hear it and it maybe what they need. You don't know who they are but God does, and we are His servants and we are here to do everything we can to help the members and investigators to truly progress in this life.

Love Sister Basko

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