Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Taiwan post December 16, 2013

Last week...We had our English Christmas party at the church. We went caroling and taught our English students some English Christmas songs. We split up and went to businesses that are nearby and sang Christmas songs them. Came back and got pictures with Santa and had snacks and hot chocolate. It was a really good activity, it was great everyone got involved and was doing something uplifting to share the spirit of Christ. Another day we had two people scheduled for the same time. So Sister Adams and I went on splits with members, I went with our Relief Society president to visit a less active. And Sister Adams went with a ward member to visit an investigator. It was a really good experience to go teach with the Relief Society president and to work with her to get to know our less active member. Saturday night Sister Adams found out she is moving to Gaoxiong, Xiao Gong. And I am staying here and my new companion will be Hsu Jiemei.

This week....Got Sister Adams completely packed up and headed to the train station, got to know some sister's I have never met before. It was really good. My companion wasn’t due to arrive until 3:30, so we had a while to wait, Yoyo and Li Jiemei were there with me. We went and ate, came back and talked and walked around. At about 4:30 we finally met Hsu Jiemei. We got Hsu Jiemei settled into our apartment, email our families from the Church and headed to FHE (Family home evening). We now have two Taiwanese missionaries in our area. The Elder Page and Elder Lin (Taiwanese companion) are over Wufeng. Then Hsu Jiemei and I are over Wufeng and Dali, and then the Dali elders (both Americans), Elder Buhler and Elder Shelton. This Saturday we had a family history class for anyone to come to. Elder Packer (one of the Twelve Apostles) came and spoke about family history, I could understand what he was saying because he was speaking English, and they had a Chinese translator for non-English speakers.

This week has been great. I have learned what true patience is, which is to be able to say the same thing over and over again so that my companion can understand what I am saying. And for her also to repeat things over again so that I can understand what she is saying. And to be willing to compromise and learn to work together. It has been an interesting experience. I have really felt God helping me to be able to understand her, and to really help her to get to know our investigators.

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!!! I love you, and pray that you have a great year!!!!

Love Sister Basko

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