Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Taiwan post November 18, 2013

This week has been full of miracles. It really is amazing when you go just a little bit farther, you see the miracles, and you know you have done your best. This week we went just a little bit farther, worked just a little bit harder and we saw so many more miracles. Friday we went with the Relief Society President, Peng Jiemei, and her daughter to visit a less active in Dali. We shared a spiritual thought and talked to see how our less active was doing. She really wants to help her daughter learn more about church and Jesus Christ, so Peng Jiemei brought her a Personal Progress book, it would be so awesome if our less active and her daughter worked on it together. So we will check up on that and see how she is doing. We went and visited another investigator who lives out in Wufeng. We picked up one of our recent converts and then headed to visit the investigator. It was really great that we got to work with the Relief Society president. Ward relations are so important, we really have to support the members here, and know that they can trust us and that we can help them.

Saturday was amazing, we had a Relief Society activity but we were kind of late, so we didn't know if we should go or not. So we prayed about it and felt either way was ok, so we decided to go and see who was there and get to know the ward members. This was the better choice. One of the less active members was there. So we were able to talk to her, and she came to church on Sunday!! We need to be involved, if the ward doesn't get to know us they would be as comfortable coming with us to lessons. After that we met with another less active and invited her to church. We really felt that we needed to be more adamant about her coming to church and helping her daughter have church in their lives. I know this is want she needs and it will change her daughter’s lives. It has been a really long time since she has come, but I knew she would come and she did, she came to church!!! That night we met with an investigator that hasn't really been progressing. But we taught a really good lesson, she really knew this lesson was for her. I don't know what changed, but it is so important to follow the spirit to know what our investigators need to learn and to hear.

I have to tell you a funny story. So this week we visited an elder lady, an investigator, she is so cute and loves having us over. She had cut up bananas and put black sesame seeds on top, and left it out, in preparation for us to come over. (I have never seen black sesame seeds till I came to Taiwan but they are the same as white sesame seeds.) and she must have had it out, but she brought it over and it was crawling with ants. Sister Adams and I looked at each other, and I didn't really know what to do, Sister Adams said, just eat it. We thought the whole plate was ants because of the black sesame seeds, but thank goodness it wasn't. There were still a far amount of ants crawling on it but it was an interesting experience. We survived, and we laughed about it. It was one of those experiences you never forget. :)

Sunday was full of miracles. We got to church at 8:30am for the Dali/Wufeng ward, then had the missionary meeting then went to the Danqu ward, which started at 2:00pm to 5:00pm. We were at church a long time. We had so many people come to church. We had investigators that had never come to church before come, and less actives that hadn't come in a really long time come to church. It was amazing. Our one investigator wanted to take us out to eat, but we said we couldn't. We went with her to meet one of her friends. And it was a really good experience. After we could have gone home or visited another less active. Prayed about it and decided it would be better to visit the less active than to go home (we still needed to eat dinner and have studies). So we went and visited her. We found out that she has been in lot of pain recently so we are going to have some brothers from the church give her a Priesthood blessing. I really hope we can help her. :)

Taiwan is amazing and it is an incredible blessing to serve God’s children in Taiwan and to do everything I can to communicate with them.

Love Sister Basko

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