Sunday, January 25, 2015

Taiwan Post Jaunary 26, 2015

That time has come…

This is so sad to think that the time is ending here for me on the island of Taiwan. I will be home on Feb 4, 2015. So soon. The time has gone by so fast and also sometimes very slow. But every experience was an experience to learn how God influences our lives, and how He helps us through all aspects of our lives.

This week we had 12 total lessons that cancelled on us. We were so sad. But we are able to find 3 prepared souls and we were also able to go and teach other lessons to people who had interest but not as much time. Though we were not able to meet with our progressing investigators we were still able to go out every day and experience miracles, and we saw so many more blessings come from being diligent. We met some amazing less active members who really want to come to church but their work schedule stops them from attending. So we are working on helping them develop greater faith and help them come back to church.

Love you all!!!
Sister Basko

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Side note - I don't know if I will get a posting from Rachel next week since she will be preparing to come home. So this may very well be her last post. She has been gone a few days short of 19 months.
I just want to reiterate that she will be speaking in church on the 8th and we would love to have you there. Church begins at 9am. We will also be having an open house reception for her that Sunday (probably at home) and you are welcome to come see her and visit with her and get the mission tour through pictures. Jeri

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