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Taiwan Post January 12, 2014

A week of miracles

We were so blessed this week with so many miracles in just one day. So on Friday we did not have any lessons set up so we made plans to find some miracle people. We set a goal of find 3 new investigators. And we hit it!!!...they will be new investigators this week. We had English proselyting and then we had spirit finding....which means we say a prayer and then we follow the spirit and so Sister Wawro led us to where we needed to go. And we started contacting anyone we saw and knocked on all the doors in that area. Exchanged numbers with a guy who did not have a special religion and he said that we can call him up. A potential soul. Then we met a lady who was so excited to talk to us but she was too busy to stay long so we set up a time to go back and share more with her. Her friend is a member in the ward right next to the mission office and she has had a lot of good experience with the church so we are excited to share more. And then we knocked on the next doors neighbors’ door and he said that we could come and sing with his family on Saturday, they are Christian as well. So we will go back this week and sing with them...should be interesting. Then we kept going and a lady said that we could talk to her more that right then she didn't have time so we set a day to go back and see her.....that is 3 new investigators for next week. We hit our goal that we set. It is a huge miracle, acting on faith is to go and do and know that you will hit the goals you set. Then later that night we went tracting and met a girl who is really interested but she is in college and so she is not sure when she is we just have to go back and check to see if she is there. So exciting. Then we have 15 minutes to call phones. So we went to a nearby ok mart...a small convenience store to call phones. And a guy started talking to us. He is a native here and is Christian. But the only one in his family that believes in Christ. So interesting, we talked a lot and he was really interested in talking more. So we gave his number to the elders to contact. So cool. So many miracles happened that day!!!! It was a good day!!!

Love you all!!! Remember you are all children of a loving heavenly father!!!
Love Sister Basko


Rachel after their hike at the top of the mountain


part of the trail on the hike (yes that is a sculpture of a hand)

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