Sunday, January 4, 2015

Taiwan Post January 5, 2015

We had a huge miracle this week. We went and heart attacked (means that they posted encouraging notes all over her door) Alexis’s house, she is a recent convert, which was a lot of fun. Her grandma caught us but since her grandma only speaks Taiwanese she just waved us we finished sticking them all to her door. And then we went and knocked some doors nearby. We saw a group of foreigners on the was we went the other direction. We knocked the second door and met a lady who invited us to walk with her to visit her friend who is also Christian. So we walked with her to the KFC and met her friend. Got to talk to them about Jesus Christ and how he has changed our lives and we are going back this week to talk more in-depth with them. We are really excited...they can also speak some English so it is half in Chinese half in English. It is a huge miracle and really amazing to see that there are still people who are open to the gospel of Jesus Christ even though they are Buddhist.

As we are diligent and follow the Holy Ghost in planning we will be directed to the area where people are prepared to learn about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I love this area so much!!! Love you all!!! Have a great new year.!!!

Love Sister Basko

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