Saturday, October 4, 2014

Taiwan post September 29, 2014

I have moved to a new area. I moved back up to Taichung. This is 20 minutes from the mission office. My new companion is awesome and she is from Oregon!!! This area is very pretty and much faster pace than the south of Taiwan...down there things are much slower and the population seems to be much older. I am so excited to be here but also sad to leave all those people behind. Here in Beiqun district there are four sisters living in the same apartment, the sister training leaders and we live together. This will be fun. Sister Chen, my companion from Nanzi, is one of the sister training I get to see her again.

We had a great week in Gangshan. We ate our favorite food and we rode all over the place and found some really amazing investigators. We were blessed with a really good busy Sunday we got to visit a new family and drop by and see one of our investigators and we also got to meet her family. She has a really good family!!! They are all so welcoming and sweet. I was so glad that we got to see her before I left.

God loves his children so much that he prepares ways for everyone to hear the gospel. No matter what!!! He will always help them know that they can have even greater happiness.!!!

Love you all,
Sister Basko
Rachel on the 74th floor

Looking down from the 74th floor

the Seaport from the 74th floor

Leaving Gangshan for Taichung

Gangshan awesome Relief Society president

awesome sister

more amazing sisters

Leaving Gangshan

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