Monday, October 6, 2014

Taiwan post October 6, 2014

This week was so amazing. We were so busy there were lessons set up for everyday and so as we went about our day we would contact anyone and we also have a lot of time to contact since this area is smaller. We do not have very far to travel. It would probably take less than 2 hours to ride all the way around our area. But there are so many people here that have never seen missionaries. So we have a lot of work to is our investigator’s, Alexis, birthday. She will be turning 20.!!!!! And so we are celebrating with her and then going hiking

I know this church is true and that this gospel will really bless anyone’s live if they are willing to try it out. The promise blessings that God has promised are real. If we are willing to keep his commandments and follow his council he will bless us. I know that Jesus Christ is our savior and redeemer. He has given us so much through his sacrifice. It is because of him that we are able to change and we are able to become new people. To make our weaknesses our strengths.

By the way I have been a Facebook missionary. So I will be making a new profile. If you have any friends that can speak Chinese you can send them my way. I will let you know more when I have a better idea about it.

Love Sister Basko


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