Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Taiwan post October 13, 2014

This week was sooo good. We went out and had a lot of success. We first went on a hike with our investigator. Who just turned 20 years old!!! Yeah congratulations. She now joins the groups of us twenty year olds!!!! We ate lunch and hung out and went shopping nearby.

Then as the week went on we met with as many members as we could to help prepare them from general conference and to remind them of it and on getting prepared and inviting family or friends to a session. A typhoon traveled past Taiwan this weekend and all we got was the wind here. It was incredibly winding as we road our bikes to our ward building to watch general conference. Hearing from the prophet and the twelve Apostles and the members of the Seventy was inspiring. All their talks flowed together and they testified of truth and reality and sustain prophets and the leaders of the church and the importance of the temples. It is incredible important to listen to the prophets words for he is the one who will prepare us for the things that will come. The prophet is Heavenly Fathers representative here on earth and we are so blessed to hear from him this weekend. And if you would like to hear their words or talks they are all available to listen or watch for free at lds.org, they were amazing.

We will also have a baptism this week on Saturday. We are so excited to help her learn more about Jesus Christ and Heavenly father. Love you all

Stay safe and healthy
Love Sister Basko

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