Sunday, July 13, 2014

Taiwan Post July 14, 2014

This week has been amazing. I have a new companion her name is Sister Sears, she is from Utah and she has been in Taiwan for 5 months. And she is just a fireball; she is pushing this work forward!!!! We have seen so many miracles in just one week that it is incredible. We have been practicing like crazy so that we are prepared for those new investigators that we will find. It has really helped. We had so many interesting lessons. We set up to meet with young women who are LA, and our member was not able to come. But we still went and visited this girl, we found out that she had friends over at that time and said that we could still come in. So we shared about God and Jesus Christ and prayer with her and she helped explain it to her friends. It was a really a good lesson and we were also able to see that she really does have a testimony she does not have faith in herself. So we are going to build her faith!!!! It is going to be so awesome!!!! She is super cute just not confident in herself.

We had an investigators set up for Saturday she did not show up, we had a member come to Peika. But since our investigator did not come we were able to get to know our member better. She has a really cool story. She is the only member in her family; she is a long time member of 10+ years. Her husband was fine with her being baptized. I think it was President Hinckley that invited us to read the Book of Mormon in 1 year. And so she did it. She was reading the Book of Mormon everyday...and really late at night. Her husband got really worried and since she refused to stop reading the Book of Mormon her husband tore it up......4 times since she kept buying a new one. Finally he gave up but did not let her come to church. But she kept praying and reading, and little by little she has started coming back to church. And little by little her husband stopped stopping her from coming. I know that if everyone of us reads the Book of Mormon daily and prays sincerely that God will help us come closer to him. That we will truly be converted. Her experience really helped strengthen my testimony, that this church is true. That God will bless us and our families with happiness as we did our best to follow him.

Sister Sears and I set a goal to find 3 new investigators last night. And we practiced like crazy to get ready. Then said a prayer and asked for God to help us and guide us. So we left our apartment and walked a little ways. Turned down a road. Knocked the first 2 answer. the 3rd house was a cute family. The guy came out...but didn't have much interest. We testified that this gospel can help and bless our families with happiness. He let us in and we shared about the plan of salvation with him and his wife. They are super cute and the spirit was so strong. We are super excited to go back and see them next week. I know that God will help us find those that are ready if we personally are prepared...

This work is God's work. We are representative of Christ for the rest of our lives and if we do all we can we will live with God again. We will stand at the judgment bar and know our garments are clean and will have no guilt left on our conscience. I love you all. Stay strong.

Love Sister Basko

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  1. So proud of you for all you're doing! Thinkin about cha! Love you!