Monday, March 3, 2014

Taiwan post March 3, 2014

This week was super awesome. Monday was our P-day we didn't feel like doing very much so we went to a huge park and walked around. Found a plant that if you touch it, it closes its leaves. It was so awesome. I climbed a rope ladder thing, it was super cool.

We had exchanged on Tuesday to Wednesday. Exchanges last for about 24 hours. I was leading the area in Nanzi with Sister Ward. So awesome. We got to talk to lots of people. So many people stopped and talked to us!!! At English power boarding we had so many people stopping and asking us about our English class. They wanted to know more and to know where it is held so they can attend. This has never happened before!!! It was amazing.

Wednesday we had our English party. Sister Tung was the Green Dragon from Mario. And I was Captain America, I made a shield. It was awesome. We played a form of Clue for our activity. We arranged 3 rooms to discover the clues to the murder, one to find the murderer (who was Captain America). Another room to figure out the weapon used, which was an ax. And the last room was to discover the room the murder took place in, which with was the library of which Sister Tung and I were in charge of. We brought objects with the letters of the LIBRARY. It was really good. If there was more time we would ask them questions about super heroes, like who was their favorite. It was really fun. Then after we acted it out how Batman (cai mei zhi) was killed by Captain America (me) with an ax in the library. It was a really fun activity and everyone had a good time.

Saturday we had a baptism. Ye Jiemei was baptized. She is so awesome she is 19 and she is really interested in learning more and more. And so we taught her everything and she knew that this is what will change her life. So she was baptized and her parents were ok with it. But they didn't want to attend :( but she is so amazing.
This week was super busy teaching and contacting. We got to eat with our members on Sunday night since Elder King is going home. And Sister Tung is moving to Taizhong Taiping. She is going to be a sister training leader. She is going to be so amazing!!!

Sister Basko

Selfie in the park with Sister Tung

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