Monday, March 17, 2014

Taiwan post March 17, 2014

This week has been so amazing. The Lord has truly been guiding us. He is allowing us to plant the seeds of the Gospel and then to follow-up on those that we have already found. We have been trying to find some of the less actives but if we find that they are not home we go tracting near their house. At each place we have found 1 person who has interest I learning more about the gospel. We know that everyone is not going to accept but we have faith that we will find those that are willing to listen. And as we continue looking for those people, we are guided by Heavenly Father and find them. This week every time we went knocking on doors, we found 1 person who is willing to learn more.

Cool people that we have found. A guy named Music with perfect English that learned it from HBO (or so he says). He is interested in English so hopefully he will be able to come, and his children will be willing to join our children’s class. Then we knocked on the door of some Christian ladies. Who has only been Christian for 1 year. They had a friend that invited them to church and they were interested after that, and were baptized. They are still new to Christianity, but are willing to listen. It really shows the power of member missionaries. As we share the gospel with our friends, or invite them to activities or church we will be able to give them greater happiness and blessings in their lives. We never know if someone has interest until we ask them. Most people will not change until they are invited to do something. We went back to a lady and met her baby and dog, she has the cutest family. She is not married but wanted a family so she adopted a little girl. She is so cute. We can see how important family is to her so we shared more about how this gospel blesses families and how we can have an eternal family. As we learn more about the plan of salvation, God's plan for us we are better able to understand our role on this earth. Our time on this earth is to learn and grow, to gain experiences and knowledge that will allow us to return to God's presence and to live eternally with our families and loved ones.

 Missionary work is hard, but nothing in this life is easy. It is hard so that we can learn more about God's blessings and gain our own knowledge and to learn to overcome trials through the help of the Lord. To learn to trust Him and learn of His mercy and love.

I love you all!!!. The Lord is on our right hand, and on our left. And His angels are bearing us up. God will always be there even when we feel alone.

Love sister basko
posted as always by her mom......

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