Monday, March 24, 2014

Taiwan post March 24, 2014

Missionaries are amazing new and difficult experiences. They allow us to grow to beyond the point we ever imagined. To have an hour everyday we can have our own personal study to learn more about Christ gospel and read the Book of Mormon and to continue to learn. As we dedicate every second on our mission to the Lord we will see so many miracle and the Lord's hand in all things.

We went and visited our LA out in Daxia(about 30 minute bike ride) and then tracted near her house. we knocked on this on door and a lady opened it, looked at us like how are these standing at my door. said we had a message that will help her obtain greater happiness in her life. a look of disbelief crossed her face, and we said that this gospel will bless her family. she said that we could come in. she was still a little hesitant but willing to listen. asked how we obtain his happiness, so we started to share how when we know that God really exists and can feel His love we had greater hope for our lives. she still didn't quite understand, but as we got to know her more we found out her mom had recently died, and that she didn't feel any comfort from praying to budda. my companion testified of the plan of salvation. we were able to share a little bit and to give her some answers and taught her about prayer. and how it will help her to come to understand God more and to be able to talk with Him. It was a really amazing lesson, to feel the Holy Ghost strongly. This gospel bring so much peace to know that we are able to see our loved ones after this life. Death is not the end, and this life on earth is so short and God will help us so much, we just need to have faith.

I know that this church is true. That Heavenly Father is always watching over and guiding us. we can truly feel His love. we need to do our part and exercise faith that He will give an answer when we truly seek for an answer. This gospel bring greater answers and peace and happiness than we can possibly imagine. if you have faith there is a way!!!!

Love Sister basko

Rachel selfie March 2014

Christ image in background with image of the tree of life in the foreground

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