Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Second week in Taiwan

This week has been amazing and so interesting. It is awesome to see our investigators progressing. Ling Bai Mei is getting baptized Oct 5 and she is awesome. She is teaching her son a little bit, and so he is progressing too. Wednesday was zone conference. We learned about repentance, and how in the Holy Bible it had a good connotation before it was translated. Repentance is a good thing, but we always feel bad before we repent, but repentance takes that all away. Later we had English class at the Wufeng library. It was cool, there are different classes, for different ages. It is awesome that people are willing to come and participate.

Sister Fletcher is doing better, we visited her to see if we could help her. We visited with her for a little while. Her dog is adorable, we shared a message with her then left for the KFC, to meet our investigators Ling Mong Jin, and Zhen Jiemei. Then we headed to a kaoro (BBQ). It was a church kaoro, so we visited with the members, and I got to know some of them. This week Thursday to Sunday is the mid autumn festival or the moon festival. They have kaoro's and invite their families over and eat lots of food.

I had my first time teaching this week with Shi Jiemei. I taught her the first lesson, she is a member so she was able to understand what I was talking about. But it was still scary to teach for the first time, and to lead the lesson. But she was awesome. After we taught her, we went to a night market with our district, and we handed out a whole bunch of English class flyers. Inviting everyone, it was cool, really scary to go and talk to people, but it was awesome. I hope we see some of them at the English class!!! After that we were heading over to Chen Mei Hui's house to teach. I was following my companion pretty closely, because there was a lot of traffic. The truck in front of her stopped really quickly, and I hit my brakes really hard, with a new bike the wheel stops. So I kind of flew off my bike and both me and my bike fell over. The car behind me was able to stop and didn't hit me. It was a miracle I barely have a scrape and only a little sore and bruised. I am so gratefully the lord was watching over us and protecting us. So the bike was fine, I was fine, and we continued on our way. Chen jiemei put some stuff on the cuts, she was so sweet!! We taught her then headed home.

Saturday we did a service activity with some of the youth from the ward. We cleaned up alongside a road and then we went to visit a ward member in the hospital after we visited with Ma Jiemei. We sang a song and said a prayer. We visited Ling Mong Jin, our peika (the member at the lesson) Ke Jiemei came with us and she talked to Ling Mong Jin's mom about the church, while Sister Adam's and I visited and taught Ling Mong Jin. One of our new investigators is Yang Jiemei. She is so patient, her son is scared of us, so it took a while to convince him to come and talk to us.

Joey and his wife invited us and the elders over for dinner to teach his wife. He is a member but she is not, so we shared the first lesson with her. Sister Adam's and I had the opportunity to talk with her, and share some more about the gospel with her. It was an awesome lesson, she really opened up and is willing to listen. They have the cutest kids in the while world!!

Love Sister Basko

Just a side note, I did panic a bit when she talked about her accident. I trust in the Lord that she is ok and that it was a minor incident in comparison to how things could have happened. - mom
Taichung Zone Conference

Rachel being introduced at zone conference

Eating hot pot first days in Taiwan

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