Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Nineth week in the MTC (missionary training center)

Monday we had another Skype TRC. This was awesome. I could somewhat understand what she was saying. We had planned on sharing how we are studying the scriptures and what made a difference to us (as just part of the lesson), and I thought my companions had shared their parts, so I shared mine. But that wasn’t actually what they did. But it went perfectly with the lesson, which was good. The Lord works in mysterious ways.

At the Tuesday Devotional David A Evans spoke to us. He told us not to forget the basics. Sometimes you get too focused on trying to explain things, which you forget to tell the investigators the very basics. That there is a God in heaven that is always watching over us, and wants to help us. We are bearers of the Light; we need to do everything that we can to be worthy and willing to do His work. When you receive an answer that God loves you, you need to always remember that, and think about it and share that. It will help strengthen your testimony. 

So we had another visitor this week. Her name is Helen Palit, she is a CEO and founder of America Harvest which provides 1,000,000 meals every single day. She came to visit, and we showed her what we do afterward we got a picture with her.

Bao Loashi shared some experiences from his mission. Which was awesome, he said that the southern half of the island has fewer houses and is so much prettier. So excited, and ready to go. I am excited to meet my new companion, but sad to leave the ones I have here. Sister Faupula left this morning at 3:30am, Sister Knight and I helped and then she was gone. She got a reassignment to San Fernando until her visa comes. Sister Knight leaves Wednesday at 4:00am for San Francisco!! I leave Tuesday morning at 6:30 and arrive in Taiwan at 9:05pm Sept 11, 2013. I cannot wait!!!!

Don't let anything stop you from your mission. Here is another story. There was a 6 ft tumble weed in the middle of the road, an inexperienced driver in a nice car saw it, hit the brakes and swerved, and got into a bad accident. Then a trucker saw it and hit the gas. The thing the inexperience driver didn't know is that the tumble weed would just disintegrate when hit. This applies to us. There may be a huge obstacle in our way, or what seems huge to us. And we don't know how to overcome it. God can help us overcome everything; something that seemed huge can become small with help from God. Always trust in Him and He will support you.

Have a great week, I’ll be in Taiwan.
Love Sister Basko
Wo Jiemei

Side note, Rachel leaves today (Tuesday September 10, 2013) for Taiwan, please keep her in your prayers that her travels will be safe and uneventful. Thank you, Jeri

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