Monday, July 29, 2013

Third Week in the MTC

We are only at the MTC for a very short period of time. During that time we do all that we can so that we may learn the truths of the gospel so that when we are asked questions we know the answers, and if we don't know them. We know how to find out the answers. By study of the scriptures and by praying to find the answer the person needs at that time. Every Tuesday we have a devotional where a speaker gets p and talks to us for about 45 minutes. This week the speaker talked to us, about us. Everyone sent to the earth at this time are part of the noble and great one. An angel specifically picked us out of 100,000 people to come today. We were chosen for the choices we made in heaven. We are foreordained to come at this time. We may not see why we are chosen now, but it is often others that can see that greatness in you.

Mellisa Faw entered the Mexico MTC Wednesday July 24, 2013. I hope she loves it. It is a great experience. The first few days are the hardest, but after that they are hard but they are more rewarding as the days go on.

Jiang Jiemei had us practice teaching an investigator. We had someone in mind and we were to act as they would if the missionaries came to visit them. We were paired up, we taught, then we switched and we were taught. It was amazing. I was teaching Elder Ensign and I went through all the questions that I could think of, and I didn't know what else to say, and one word came to my mind "jiating" which means family. So I asked him about his family, that is what he needed, that is what I should have focused on, and that was where he needed help. I did all that I could, and right at the end I asked the question that he needed to hear. Elder Sheanshang was the last person to teach me, and we were talking about things we liked to do, he was trying to figure out what I needed, so I go to know me. Right at the end he looked at a scripture and a question came to his mind, was there anything that I regretted or wished I could change. that was what I was waiting for, that was the exact question that he needed to ask so that we was able to help me and get to know my needed. (I am acting like an investigator, I have a friend in mind that is looking to change but doesn't know how, so that is who I played when I was being taught.)

Saturday night we went outside to plan for the next day and choose our favorite Book of Mormon scripture. It was during that time that we shared experiences that we have had and what the scriptures mean to us. My scripture was 2 Nephi 11:7 "For it there be no Christ there be no God; and if there be no God we are not, for there could have been no creation. But there is a God, and he is Christ, and he cometh in the fullness of his own time. I had questions about how we knew that there is a God. And I was reading and this verse just stuck out to me. Because of the feeling and confirmation that I felt from this verse I know this is a God, I know we have  savior and I know that he loves us and is always watching over us and will never leave us. Sister Faupula shared her dad's experience of becoming a member. he is the son of a Methodist minister, so he grew up hating Mormons and would tease them and tell them that there is no way the a boy saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Her father is really smart and loves to learn. So we saw the Mormon kids going to seminary so he went with them. He wanted to know what they were learning, and he was curious what they did in seminary. (Remember he loves to learn) so he went o seminary for two years, nobody knew he went, he made sure nobody ever noticed him. He liked it, and so he started reading the Book of Mormon and loved it. Everything he was doing he hit from his family, they had no idea what he was doing. So after all this time he knows the church was true, but he still couldn't believe that the whole Joseph Smith story. So he prayed, this was his the first time. He went to the Mormon Church and sat in the back and listened, but he really didn't like it. The last speaker got up and started his talk, and then he stopped. And he just started to bear his testimony; it was then that her father knew the church was true, and that Joseph Smith did see Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Right after he asked to be baptized, the kids couldn't believe him, because they knew him as the Methodist son. But he got baptized and went on a mission. It is amazing that anyone can feel the Holy Ghost testifying of the truthfulness of the gospel!!

Sundays are the best. This morning I was thinking and I found a book mark that I bought a long time ago. It said "return with honor" and I found a picture of a girl in the armor of the gospel, with the sword of truth, and the shield of faith... little things were brought to my remembrance that all connected. Everything I have done since I was little was preparing me for a mission. The little decision I have made were made directing me to be prepared to serve a mission now. during relief society a lady was talking about serving a mission she said "steady the feet, hands to grasp, encourage the hearts, inspire the minds and souls to save." this is what we do as missionaries, we help people. We watched a video of Elder Holland teaching at the MTC, he quoted a poem "come to the edge he said, "No, we'll fall." Come To The Edge, he said. "No we'll fall." Come to the edge!!! We came, he pushed us. And we flew." Do not let a single moment pass you by. We are to be apostolic. We are here to learn and listen to the Holy Ghost. We are not waiting to come home. This is our home. We are only set apart for a short period of time. There will be no other time like this one. Our authority comes from God, and our power is through obedience.

Love Sister Basko

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