Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Second week in the MTC

  On Tuesday I went to bed a little late, and got up earlier than I usually do, and I prayed that I would not fall asleep during class. I was wide awake all day. Then that night we have a devotional, and since my district is participating in choir we sang that Tuesday during the devotional, which was broadcasted to the other MTC's around the world...I guess. Anyway it was during practice that I fell asleep. But after that I was good. I didn't fall asleep during class or anywhere else. That was a huge blessing that day. After devotional we got back to the classroom and share what we learned with each other and we share our testimonies. The spirit was so strong. The experiences that were shared really strengthened my testimony, that I know this church is true. I know that when we are struggling Heavenly Father hears and answers us. He know what we need and is there to bring comfort and peace to our hearts. Also that day, it was during class I was thinking about Chik-fil-a and I was thinking about their waffle fries and how I really wanted them. And at lunch they had waffle fries. Heavenly Father does hear you and knows the things of your heart. Also during that day, while we were teaching Peggy I could understand what she was saying. Up to that point I was not able to understand anything that she was saying, but that day I was able to understand the majority of the things that she was saying!!!!!!! Tuesday was a great day.

We played volleyball with our district. It was really fun. It was nice to be outside and enjoying the sunshine. Today is the last day to teach Peggy. We are extending the invitation to baptism and she accepted which was great. The questions she asked us were really difficult and we struggled to answer her questions. One of our teachers is getting married in like 3 days in the Salt Lake Temple!!!

During the last couple days I had been thinking about how I don't have anyone here that I know. And that I was hoping that I would see someone that I knew. I saw Jake Gong, he got back about a month ago. It was really cool to see him. When I first saw him I was trying to figure out if I knew him or not. Then he came back and asked me, and yep it was him. Then I saw Cooper Heifer, from college here. He was supposed to go the Brazil MTC but he didn't receive his passport in time. So he is here at the Provo MTC. Which was really cool. I got to talk to him for a little while.

We did service on Friday. It is really great to do serve for those who live in that building. It was fun and good be able to help out here and to make the building cleaner. Today was the first day that "Peggy" or Sister Bready taught us. It was really awesome to hear the story about Peggy. Peggy was one of Sister Bready's investigators while she was on her mission in Taipei Taiwan. Peggy has having a hard time at work, and one day her boss was really mad, so Peggy went and said a prayer and asked for help. Then she went back and her boss was not angry anymore. The power of pray is amazing. We have a new investigator, Lin Jiemei. We will start teaching her this week!!.

Saturday was a pretty good day. That night we were sitting outside studying and we had 4 different missionaries come up to us and bear their testimonies in different languages, first was Samoan, then German, Portuguese and last was Italian. The last elder was Elder Orso, he has only been a member for lest that 2 years. He is going to Rome Italy, and the strength that you can feel from him is powerful.

If you can look up Music and the Spoken Word, this Sunday there was a guy who sang in Italian, and I don't know what he was saying but I could feel the love that he felt.

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