Monday, February 3, 2014

Taiwan post February 3, 2014

Happy Chinese New Year!!!!!!! It started on Thursday and ends like Tuesday...but really keeps going for another week. Most things will open again on Tuesday. Chinese New Year is similar to American Christmas, except they eat a ton every single meal....and they go to relative’s homes on certain days. So because there are not a lot of restaurants open we are eating at our members houses for lunch and dinner. Hot pot is very common, and delicious. They stick whatever you want to eat in a pot and it all cooks together and you eat what you want. Some new things I have had this week is shrimp eggs, they are red and salty, and fish eggs, squid pizza, and grass jelly. The food here is really good and can be healthy.

This week we rode up a mountain, literally. It was huge and dangerous. You would be able to ride up half way on the hill and walk the rest, then coast down on your brakes going down the other side. We went for while until we got to an area where there wasn't anything, so we stopped and asked a lady that was walking. She said we had past the place we were looking for...we went too far. So we went back up the mountain. It was very pretty but a very tiring ride. After that we headed back to Nanzi...very slowly.

The weather is quickly getting hotter. There is no longer any need for a jacket. Most days are hot during the day and warm at night. The bugs are another sign of change. They are coming out in full force, and exploring our apartment. Killing lots of ants and’s fun. This week has been amazing finding new amazing investigators and getting to know their families. The work goes on and miracles follow and blessings of salvation to those who will accept to follow Christ and receive baptism.

Love Sister Basko
Sisters Basko and Tung

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