Monday, February 10, 2014

Taiwan post February 10, 2014

Mon/Tues/Wed were the last three days of Chinese New Year. And so now everyone is back to work, and kids will soon be going back to school. It was a very cool experience to still meet with investigators during this time. We found a 15 year old girl that seems super solid, she is ready she has never been to church and has no religious background, so we are going slow making sure that she understands. And she is loving it. We found another investigator who is just starting college, and is so awesome. She loves everything we are teaching her, and is willing to read everything, and do the invites we give her. We just gave her a baptismal invite for March 1. And she is progressing really quickly, and she loves it all. She is a little quiet so we are helping her get to know some more people in the ward. We are making lots of phone calls, riding long ways to find those that are searching for the gospel.

This week we had zone training meeting. So we got to see everyone in our zone. Elder Brinley, Elder Brown, and Elder Phil are all in the same zone...we all came to Taiwan at the same time. It is really cool to see how much they have progressed. We also had interviews with President Blickenstaff. It was really helpful to discuss what I can do to keep progressing and helping my language skills progress, and also to think about what has happened so far in my mission, and how I think it has been.

Taiwan has lots of interesting experiences. In the Nanzi ward we have an English sacrament. We also have translations during church. Which is super cool, I don't know if there are any other wards that have translations. But we have some foreigners in our ward, like Donna and Nafus and Joy...they are all able to speak Chinese. There are also 4 Pilipino members who are able to speak some Chinese but mostly English. And also at night have an English sacrament meeting for those that are not able to go doing the day because of their work. Many of members here in Nanzi have been on missions themselves. The majority of the members have been on missions, about 20+ years ago. So this ward is very strong. Love this area so much. I love my companion Sister Tung who is so strong and an amazing missionary. This church is true, any who have not had a chance to learn more, I encourage you to read from the Book of Mormon another testament of Jesus Christ and pray to know if these things are true. You will receive an answer and the truth will be made known unto you.

Love you all,
Love Sister Basko

Side note, today is Rachel's 7th month mark. Not that I'm counting, I just noticed that she will be gone less than 365 days. I know it will go fast for her.  mom

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