Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Sixth week in the MTC

This Tuesday we taught Lin Jiemei and we committed her to baptism, she is going to be baptized Sept 7!! This was huge. She talked to her mom, and her mom was ok with her taking the lessons, so now we need to get her to start sharing it with her family. She hasn't talked to her dad, so we are hoping that she is able to get her mother interested, and then she can tell her father. Tuesday night devotional was awesome. Richard G. Scott came and talked to us. He spoke to us about the importance of prayer and to who we are praying to. And how important it is to know that we are praying to God, and that he is allowing us to pray to Him, and ask for guidance. You could feel how strongly Elder Scott believed this. The spirit was so powerful!! Right before that we had choir and the choir director was talking about how Christ was willing to come down to Earth, and to walk among men, and to experience the things they do and to go through trials and difficult and to overcome them all. He didn't have to do any of that.

This week I had an eye opening experience. We are taught that we teach people not lessons. Everything in the gospel is able to connect and help someone not matter where they are in life. And my companionship was taught by another companionship as progressing investigators. We each chose someone we know that would like to learn about the gospel and we act as they would during the lesson. This week when we were taught, it felt like we were taught a lesson that they weren't teaching as investigators. I was really disappointed, and it really made me think about how we have taught our investigators, and if we are doing the same thing. I never what someone that I’m teaching to feel like I am preaching to them, we are to share God love with them, and if we don't share our own love with them, how are they going to feel God’s love through us? It just won't happen. This has made me really think about our investigators and thinking about their needs and what they need to hear to feel that God loves them and cares about them and wants to help them.

We played Simon says in class, it was a using a grammar principles. It was a lot of fun and interesting. It was hard to understand so I just picked out the words I knew and tried to follow what we were told to do. We had our eyes closed so we were unable to see what others were doing. But it was fun; it helped me understand how to use the grammar principle and how to apply it.  Our elders are really getting into surprising others with the "we've been expecting you" thing. So they were hiding in the new missionaries classroom, and surprised them, they walked into our classroom and were surprised by the other district doing it to them. It was quite funny. we knew the other district was going to do it, so we were just hanging out a little ways away from the classroom so that we could watching our elders reaction and also not give the surprise away.

It surprises me to know much I feel the spirit every day. When I ponder things out in my mind I find that the answer comes with clarity when I need it. I have questions and I find the answer through reading the scriptures, but I mostly find it through things that others say. But it still amazes me what a difference in my life when I have the Holy Ghost with me, and how I understand things and am able to understand the questions asked in a different light and can see how to apply the question to our investigators.

Love Sister Basko

My Chinese name is Wo Jiemei (imagine there are tone the words, "Wo" has a forth tone) :)


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