Monday, August 26, 2013

Seventh week in the MTC

This week has been awesome. We taught Lin Jiemei about some of the commandments. We asked her how church was and she said it was great, and she brought her work friend to church with her!!! This is the friend that we have been encouraging her to bring with her to our lessons. She said her friend liked church, so hopefully her friend goes again!!

This week in choir we sang "Precious Savior, Dear Redeemer." The spirit was so strong. The song really brought the spirit into the meeting, and it sounded amazing.

Our teacher, Jiang Jiemei took us outside since we were all tired. We did street contacting with the people within our district, and we had to use to wenfa (grammar) principle we had just learned. This really helped, and it was really nice outside. 

We have 11 new missionaries in our zone!! 4 of them are sisters, two of them are in our room, and the other two are in the room next door. They are all amazing, many of them already know some Chinese, and could understand what we are saying. It seems that they were being prepared before they came here. Wednesday night after their classes, we took the sister around campus showing them where things were, while the zone leaders took the elders around.

Friday was Sister Hsu's birthday, two days after she got into the MTC. So in the morning we sang happy birthday to her. Then we got back to the room we had all the sisters in our zone go in our room, we got it decorated and Sister White bought her a gift. And we all hid in our room and she came in and sang happy birthday!!! It was great.

I don't know what happened this week, but it seems I was unfocused and I could not feel the Holy Ghost so when we taught at TRC it was really hard for me to understand what our investigator was saying. But once I refocused I could feel the Holy Ghost, and we taught Lin Jiemei and I could understand what she was saying. It was a good lesson.

This Sunday we taught a lesson on repentance with our diqu (district). We tried to put it together the night before but it just was not happening. Repentance is always a super serious subject, and not always what someone wants to hear. So we got up early and prepared it in the morning. We focused on how repentance brings you closer to Christ and having a change of heart. We talked about how it is important to be in Holy places and be not moved (Doctrine and Covenants 87:7). We shared some places that we find we can feel peace. For me the woods are somewhere I can find answers and comfort and get away for things that have been bothering me. You could feel the Holy Ghost during the lesson, it was an amazing feeling!!!

During the Sunday devotional the speaker extended the commitment to us, that we will do everything that we can to do what Heavenly Father would want us to do. To serve His children and to love them. And when we are on the plane going home, say a prayer and ask if Heavenly Father accepted your mission. And you will receive the answer, and you will not have any regrets if you do everything you can!!!

Love Sister Basko (Wo Jiemei)

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