Monday, September 8, 2014

Taiwan Post September 8, 2014

This week went really smoothly considering that everyone started back in school. Heavenly Father blessed us so much this week in find new investigators and finding people that we can teach. We were still able to meet with a fair amount of our investigators. But a lot of them also said that they no longer had any time since school is starting. But that’s alright we will find new people to teach.

We had a great time today. Our member family took us to explore Tainan. We first went to a little area where they have a bunch of props from a movie and so we took a ton of pictures. There was  museum that was right next to it and it had a skeleton for a sperm whale...which is as long as 8 people together...really cool. Then we went to a salt mountain. Which we got to climb and walk around on. It was several stories high. Pretty cool experience. Then we got to see some salt sculptures which were right next to it.

The best part of doing missionary work is seeing so many miracles every day. To get to talk to our members and here how they were converted and how much happier they are now. Or to see how our investigators really become happier in such a short period of time. God does exist and He knows each of us and loves each of us. I love you all. Keep working hard!!!
Love Sister Basko

I wanted to share some of Rachel's photos of her P-day in Tainan with a member family. They took them to this area to show them around and explore. I am counting down the weeks until Rachel is home, this week is week 21.  mom


Sister Basko with shaved ice

Sister Sears with shaved ice

P-day inTainan

Church activity


selfie in tunnel


salt sculpture

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