Sunday, January 5, 2014

Taiwan post January 6, 2014

Dear Everyone,

This week has been so great. I have focused on looking for miracles that happen every day and for blessings that I see in my life. And every night I write them down so that I can remember them and so that I can thank Heavenly Father for the wonderful opportunities that He gives us. Some miracles I have seen are how our recent converts are changing. When they are reading the Book of Mormon and really studying its teaching. They are applying what they have learned in their lives. Their testimonies kept growing and their faith is strengthened. So that when they are having a hard time they know they can pray and read the scriptures and God will communicate with them and they will feel peace and comfort, and find the answers they are looking for. Miracles are known that God is always a prayer away. That He is so willing to help us, we just have to be willing to pray and ask Him, asking in Faith and trusting that He will helps us. I know this church is true. I have felt so much peace and comfort that I know God knows each of us. I know that Christ came to earth to give us a way to return to live with our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, and to know how to improve our own lives and how to overcome trials with God’s help.

Love Sister Basko

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